Serey Witness Node

On the Serey Mission

The Serey mission can therefore be summarized as:

“Rewarding self-expression and creativity.”

On the Serey platform and its features!

Serey is principally a fork of Steemit — another social media platform on the blockchain — and therefore essentially makes use of the Graphene technology behind Steemit and Bitshares. However, where Steemit is trying to conquer the world, Serey is entirely dedicated to the people of Cambodia. Serey believes that regional differences require different user interfaces, and specific functionalities that match the people’s cultural makeup and their level of sophistication with blockchain technology. The Serey team have therefore chosen to create a platform with:

  1. A brand new layout
  2. A market place section
  3. A Khmer language option
  4. An advertisement section
  5. A simplification of the reward system


Serey node is very powerful and you can use your pc to be witness :